Dr. Wayne Press, Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist

Thank you for choosing to visit our office website for your current and future healthcare information and services. If you have any questions regarding your evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of muscle, nerve, and joint pain and care, please do not hesitate to ask Dr. Press.

Learning as much as possible about your muscle, nerve, and joint pain, condition, and/or injury helps to prevent a flare-up and promotes the proper healing you deserve. Feel free to e-mail Dr. Press with your questions and/or simply pick up the phone and call for his personal attention.

Regardless, we hope that you return again and again to this website as a reliable source of information for your general health and muscle, nerve, and joint pain care.

MISSION STATEMENT - The mission of Wayne Press Chiropractic Inc. is to provide the individual, family and friends of the Simi Valley and surrounding communities with quality physical examination, diagnostic assessment, health education, treatment and co-medical management, when indicated, of neuro-musculo-skeletal pain, dysfunction and disease. Wayne Press Chiropractic Inc. core values include integrity, honesty, respect and courtesy combined with a strong commitment to professional growth and development. Guided by these values and our faith in God, we will strive to assist each individual, family and friend to achieve an early return to an amplified quality of health by drugless and/or non-surgical pain management, when indicated, increased flexibility and mobility and improved strength, energy and overall well-being.

List of Conditions Treated

Head - Traumatic, Tension and Migraine Headaches, TMJ (Jaw), Dizziness, Balance

Neck - Sprain/Strain, Whiplash, Torticollis, Disc Protrusion/Bulge

Middle Back / Sternum / Rib - Sprain/Strain, Disc Protrusion/Bulge

Lower Back - Sprain/Strain, Disc Protrusion/Bulge, Facet Syndrome

Hip / Leg - Sprain/Strain, Sacral-Iliac Syndrome, Sciatica

Knee - Sprain/Strain, Meniscus (Cartilage), ACL

Ankle / Foot - Sprain/Strain, Planter Fascitis, Weak Arch

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