Conditions and Services



On Site

Health Care Services

Physical Examination and Diagnosis

Chiropractic  -  Orthopedic   -  Neurological



Manual Therapy  -  Mobilization  -  Manipulation


Physical Medicine Techniques

Ultrasound  -  Electrical Muscle Stimulation   

TENS - Mechanical Traction/Decompression

Extremity Whirlpool Bath  -  Ice/ Moist Heat Compresses


Exercise Rehabilitation & Conditioning

Isometric  -  Isotonic  -  Isokinetic


Diagnostic Imaging & Testing

X-Ray Facilities  -  *EMG/NVC  -  *MRI  -  *CT


Nutritional Consultation & Products


Orthotic/Foot Care and Orthopedic Braces


Instruction in Activities of Daily Living (ADL)


*Indicated Diagnostic testing is referred to the appropriate provider and may not be on site



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